• Winter Scene

    Name: Ms. Schmechel

    Grade/Subject: Science 9-12 

    (2017-2018: Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology II, Physics, Chemistry and Biology I)
    Phone:(406) 736-5123 (ext. 238)
    If you are reading this, you are probably in a science class at Centerville High School. WELCOME!!
    Please:  Be on time to class.
                 Be prepared.
                 Be awake.
    Extra Help is always available in science classes for those who take the time to ask for it. I can (and will) stay until after a sports activity practice and work with you then. Just talk with me before you plan to do it. Now, it is perfectly okay to work to "figure it our for yourself," but sometimes, it's faster to visit with me for a little while and save yourself some of the frustration. My goal is to prevent the test day comments of, "I never understood this," and "I should have come by and asked you about this."
    Parents: The easiest way to contact me is via email. (The address is shown in the block above.) Telephone calls are also a possibility. My teacher preparation period is Second Period -- 9:06 am to 10:09 am) When you call, please leave a message if I happen to be out of room and miss your call. I'll call you back.
    Welcome to science. Enjoy!