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    In the 1880’s and 1890’s, coal was found in great abundance in the gulches and coulees in this area of Montana. The towns of Stockett, Tracy and Sand Coulee sprouted around these coal mines. Each town boasted its own school. Competition between towns was fierce. In later years, as mines closed and many Eastern European immigrant families moved on, the schools consolidated on neutral ground in the Sand Coulee Creek Gulch. This neutral ground became Centerville. Centerville School is two miles south of Tracy and Sand Coulee and two miles north of Stockett. Centerville’s identification with its mining heritage remains; a miner is the mascot, an ore wagon is displayed in front of the school and photographs of several generations of ethnically diverse graduates, many from these early mining families, cover the walls of the commons.


    The Centerville School District is currently one of Montana’s larger Class C districts, with a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade student population of approximately 282 students, including 21 Hutterite students at an off-site attendance center.  Located 13 miles southeast of Great Falls, the district serves an extensive area, with ranches and farms extending east from the Missouri and Smith River valleys onto the north central plains, then south to the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains. Students are bused from the surrounding agricultural area and the three small towns of Stockett, Sand Coulee and Tracy. The attendance center at the Big Stone Hutterite Colony has 11 grade K-4 students. The two classrooms at the attendance center, grades K-4 and grades 5-8, are operated as multi-age classrooms.  The total population of the towns and the surrounding area is approximately 1700.There are no incorporated towns within the district.  Here at Centerville, we believe we have entered an era that holds great promise for how we go about educating children. We have a strong and collaborative faculty,administration and school board. Centerville families are ardent supporters of the school and of the children of the community. For further information about Centerville School District 5/5C.


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