Desk of Principal  


    Principal Notes from Mr. Taylor


    November 2017

    Hello Centerville Miner Families! Can you believe the first quarter is already over?  The staff and administration are on their way to another year of working with parents and guardians to build a positive learning environment and partnership.  We are committed to helping every single student have success in school.  A very important topic that I want to communicate to the community is the importance of partnering with families.  It is important for families and schools to work together and share responsibilities for student success.  Students need to know the importance of school, and with each family we are working together to build a strong school.  

    One of my goals this year is developing communication between the school and families.  One of my thoughts include building a two-way communication so that you and your child’s teacher can share successes and concerns.  By opening this avenue, we can help students with any struggles that may arise. Secondly, I would like to address our expectations of homework, behaviors, and differences in  learning styles.  Letting our students and parents know what is expected in the classroom is essential to ensure an environment where learning is positive and meaningful. We want students to know and understand that the staff at Centerville is constantly working to help them have success within the classroom.

    I welcome everyone to Parent Teacher Conferences November 7th & 9th from 5-8pm.  Centerville is an amazing environment where your child can get a quality education and learn from a fantastic staff.  We have such a strong community in this area, and I believe this positive atmosphere will continue for many years.


    Michael Taylor

    K-12 Principal