• High School Scholarships & Criteria
    Listed in the link below are lots of scholarship opportunities for which Centerville seniors may apply. Please look at each scholarship opportunity to see how it needs to be filled out for which you wish to be considered. Be sure to include all criteria listed and turn your applications in on time. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    How to Pay for College without Parents

    College Scholarships

    College Scholarships for Women  

    Mountain View Coop Scholarship Form 

     Insurance Scholarships - The Obrella Insider  

     Scholarships Available for Montana

    Spokeo Annual Top 50 Scholarships 
    Spokeo has always been about connecting you to your family and friends, but what about connecting yourself to your future? Spokeo has compiled an annual top 50 Scholarships list in an effort to connect you with generous private/external organizations. We've done the search for you: our list will keep the most current scholarships toward the top of the page to make it easier to keep track of deadlines. No more searching through myriad outlets for different scholarships―find the ones here throughout the year.