• Centerville School Board Members


    Kevin Mackey - Board Chairperson

    Sherry Lynn Dow - Vice Board Chairperson

     Erik Ingman - Board Member

    Randy Kelley - Board Member

    Todd Seymanski - Board Member

    Contant the School Board: schoolboard@centerville.k12.mt.us


    School Board Educational Plans


    1. Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of our wide range of student ability levels and learning needs.

    2. Recognize and reward excellence in student achievements.

    3. Adopt curriculum materials rotation which aligns schools K-12.

    4. Attract and retain quality personnel.

    5. Implement on-going strategies to improve school climate, student leadership and responsible decision-making.

    6. Create a multi-hazard emergency plan with crisis response team.

    7. Compile a community resource list and volunteer program.
    8. Keep technology resources up-to-date in all curricular and administrative areas.

    9. Re-evaluate structure of school-wide fundraising efforts.

    10. Adhere to long range maintenance, renovation and replacement schedule for facilities, grounds, bus and food service.

    11. Incorporate drug awareness education into the curriculum.

    12. Provide academic challenge for students through expanded enrichment opportunities, advanced courses, scheduling flexibility and increased course offerings.


    District Policies


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