Athletic Mission Statement
    Centerville Public Schools Athletic Mission Statement

     District 5&5C

    “Our mission is to provide a rigorous athletic program which complements and supports a challenging academic program by teaching students to persevere, to work well with others, and to test themselves.”



    ·         We believe students are our highest priority.

    ·         We believe the dignity, worth, and self- esteem of participants should be paramount in all athletic activities.

    ·         We believe the most important result of competition is the development of life-long values and skills.

    ·         We believe the athletic program is an integral part of the high school experience.

    ·         We believe high school athletics should be fun and rewarding.

    ·         We believe athletic programs are most beneficial when they are competitive.

    ·         We believe winning is an attitude resulting from optimum preparation, concentrated effort and deep commitment to excel.

    ·         We believe well-designed athletic programs promote community and school pride.

    ·         We believe open communication and mutual respect among coaches, parents, and athletes provide the foundation of a successful athletic program.

    ·         We believe morale, satisfaction, and performance are enhanced when athletes work together as a team.

    ·         We believe well qualified coaches and program administrators are important components in a successful athletic program.

    ·         We believe positive parent support and involvement enhance students’ growth and program quality.

    Adopted August 2012. 
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