Desk of Superintendent  


    Centerville School Food Bank                                        

    John McGee, Superintendent

    A couple of years ago the Centerville School noticed that some of the children in our school were experiencing hunger. Although these kids had access to our school breakfast and school hot lunch program the question remained, “What happens to these students on the weekend?”  In response to this question several employees and parents worked together to create a Centerville School Food Bank Backpack program at our school. This program is designed to identify students and families in need and allow those kids to take home a backpack full of food for the weekend. This program has also expanded to create food baskets that parents can pick up once a month during the long summer break.

    The Centerville School Food Bank program is a non-profit program that collects donations and food items to redistribute to identified kids in need. At this time, we are serving over 20 kids with our Food Bank Backpack program. Teachers have reported that the children served by this program seem more attentive in class and arrive to school better prepared for a day of learning.  In these observations, it has been noted that it is amazing how helping a hungry child can solve so many poor behaviors and distractions in a classroom. The entire school does benefit when all our student do not have to deal with the issues associated with real hunger.

    Currently the Centerville Food Bank rely on donors to help keep the program stocked so we can carry out our weekly operation and meet the needs of our hungry kids. Recently due to illness, we lost a very generous donor who was giving large donations to our program.  Our Food Bank program is in need of your help. If you are looking for a way to make a real impact on the lives of hungry children in our community please consider donating to the Centerville School Food Bank. Please contact the district office if you have any questions.

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