Desk of Superintendent  


    Achieving Best Results!
    by Mr. McGee


    To the class of 2017, it is time to close the chapter in your book on high school and open a new chapter on what is to be your future. As young adults you are the “hope” of our community for a bright future. We are proud to have you represent the Centerville School as young graduates. 

    As I think of your bright futures, remember without hope life does not   exist. Look to your future full of the hope shaped by the values your family has instilled in you and the knowledge you have learned in your schooling. The values and knowledge will guide you towards active involvement in problems you will face in your future.

    As young adults do not just play the role, be strong and become an active, confident citizen. Be the kind of neighbor, friend or family member, who people look to as the strong worker, problem solver or the one that can be counted on to help out in a time of need. Remember to surround yourself with people you can trust. Take the time to listen, and then trust in what you know is right as you move forward in your future.

    I am extraordinarily hopeful as I look back at the class of 2017. Many difficult challenges await and your core values as a class are intact, which will allow you to make the world a better place. The world needs your competence and your confidence to tackle the real issues of tomorrow. And we will need your voice to ensure that things that can be taken care of today are not left to generations of tomorrow. I am confident that you are ready to move forward from our school to further grow into fine adults. Remember, leaving Centerville School is only the beginning. Please know that your presence in our school will be missed. We wish you the best of luck. 



    Go Miners!!

    John C. McGee

    District Superintendent