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    Mrs. McCale
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    Centerville Public Schools
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    Name: Mrs. Karla McCale
    Grade/Subject:  Technology Coordinator/Systems Operator, Computer Literacy Instructor Grades 6-12, 12th Grade Speech and 12th Grade English   
    Phone:  406) 736-5167



    After teaching at Centerville Public Schools for the past 30 years, I still find my job extremely exciting, challenging and rewarding.  I have had the opportunity to instruct students at every grade level and in a variety of different disciplines including Business,Technology and Language/Communication Arts.   I also serve as Technology Coordinator/Systems Operator which makes me responsible for the daily operation of the schools’ computer network and integration of technology throughout our District.


     In addition, I have had the good fortune to work with my students outside the classroom.  I have served as a Basketball and Cheerleading Coach, Class Advisor, and Student Council Advisor.  Be it inside or outside the classroom, my mission has always remained the same.....


    To establish a trusting, positive relationship with my students and give them a voice. 

    To treat all my students with respect and hold them accountable for how they treat others.  

    To maintain high expectations for my students and develop in them an “I Can” attitude. 

    To provide an environment that allows for individual differences in my students and celebrate successes in all areas of their life. 

    To empower my students to shape their future and develop skills to become positive contributors to our society. 

    To maintain my level of professionalism and model a love for learning. 

    To encourage my students to laugh.