For graduation, Centerville High School requires 24 credits.  The following required courses must be completed for graduation:


Algebra I

English I

Earth Science

9th PE and Health

Reading & Writing


English 3

U. S. History

Third Math Class

Third Science Class


Geometry or Business Math

English II


10th PE and Health

World History


English 4


Third/Fourth Math Class

Third/Fourth Science Class

At some time during the four years of high school a student must take:

Speech which is taken your senior year - 
One additional math or science class to equal 5 credits in math/science.

Students must enroll in at least seven graded classes per semester, unless approved by the administration.

Students who fail required classes will need to repeat them. Students may need to make up the course through correspondence work, summer school, or night classes in Great Falls.

Montana Preparatory Program - Montana University System

The Board of Regents of Higher Education require the following College Preparatory Program for students who wish to enter a unit of the Montana University System.

1. Four years of English: Each year the content of the courses should have an emphasis upon the development of written and oral communication skills and literature.

2. Three years of mathematics: which shall include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, (or the sequential content equivalent of these courses). Students are encouraged to take a math course in their senior year.


3. Three years of social studies: which shall include global studies (such as World History or World Geography), American History, and Government, Economics, Indian History or other third year courses.

4. Two years of laboratoryscience: one year must be earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics,the other year can be one of those sciences or another college preparatory laboratory science.

5. Two years chosen from the following:

- foreign language (preferably two years)

- computer science

- visual and performing arts or

- vocational education units which meet the Office of Public Instruction Guidelines

To implement the recommended College Preparatory Program, and to encourage a high level of academic preparation for students who wish to continue on to higher education, the Board of Regents of Higher Education adopted the following procedures.


1. Only persons who have completed the College Preparatory Program shall be eligible for:

a. Regents Montana University System Scholarship.

b. Other state-supported scholarships, fee waivers, or grants-in-aid awarded on the basis of academic.

2. In awarding scholarships based on academic achievement, special consideration should be given to persons who have completed available academic solids beyond those specified in the College Preparatory Program. Honors and advanced placement courses should be given extra weighting.

3. In awarding valedictorian honors, cumulative GPA will be figured to the third decimal. In the case of a tie, cumulative percentages will be carried to the third decimal place.

Advanced Placement:

Centerville High School offers Advanced Placement Calculus that may be used for college credit as well as high school credit. The award of college credit will depend entirely on the successful completion of a very strict and comprehensive final exam in May. Placement in the AP will require a minimum of junior classification and approval of the Advanced Placement instructor.