SOAR - After School Enrichment Program

The purpose of SOAR is to create a community learning center that provides afterschool care, academic support and enrichment for children (to meet national, state and local standards in core academics), a variety of enrichment activities that complement their regular academic programs, and offer literacy and other educational services to families of participating members. We serve families in a rural, isolated, extreme high poverty area that has no local childcare providers. Since poverty is the number one indicator of student failure, providing quality enrichments, various opportunities in cultural education, health/wellness activities, visiting museums, and homework assistance levels the playing field for low income students. We keep costs minimal, so ALL families can participate. 

 We focus on academics, enrichment opportunities and parent education. We address academics after school. Highly qualified instructors collaborate with students' teachers to address specific areas of academic need during homework time. Enrichment time complements student education, focusing on math, reading, STEM, arts, character education, healthy living (through instruction about nutrition, staying active, and avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco). Field trips provide opportunities children may not otherwise experience. Parent involvement is essential for student success. We provide parent education in core areas, family activities and access to parent library (Love and Logic). 

Expected outcomes may include: improved scores on statewide assessment, DIBELS, AIMSWEB, grades; homework completion, increased engagement of students and parents. d)Parent, student, and teacher surveys assess the effectiveness of LEAP's programming. Other indicators are homework completion, Creating Change data, Statewide Assessment, DIBELS,  AIMSWEB, and grades. All data is used to improve our program.