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School Reopening

DRAFT - COVID-19 School Reopening Plan

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* Shelter in Place
When the Governor declares a required shelter in place plan then all non-essential classified employees will be placed on leave status until the order is lifted.

Certified Teaching staff will be required to provide remote learning instructional lessons from home utilizing the school districts remote learning tools and applications. All attendance and assignment requirements will be managed by the school in order to have accountability for a quality remote learning environment.

* Reopening Phase 1&2 with Limited Attendance
When classroom attendance is restricted to 10 students or less the school will provide remote learning instructional lesson from the school utilizing the school districts remote learning tools. Certified teachers will be required to work from the building. Students will have the ability to make in person appointments at the school with teachers to receive tutoring assistance with lessons. All attendance and assignments requirements will be managed by the school in order to have accountability for a quality remote learning environment.

* Reopening Phase 2 with Grouping Larger than 50 in Attendance
When classroom attendance is open to 50 students then the school building will open and students may begin attending class. The school will also provide remote learning instructional lesson from the school utilizing the school districts remote learning tools. Certified teachers will be required to work from the building. Students will have the ability to attend school or remain in remote learning status. Teachers will provide very little tutoring assistance with lessons to students who maintain remote learning status. All attendance and assignment requirements will be managed by the school in order to have accountability for a quality remote learning environment.

* Reopening Phase 3
Schools will return to open status. Students will be required to return to the school building. If vulnerable students have a need for alternative offsite learning then the school will review the need for a 504 plan. All social distancing requirements will be lifted and school will return back to normal in the sense of how school operated before the COVID-19 pandemic.

* Social, Emotional & Discipline
During all phases of school operation the school will monitor all students to provide a high quality Social, Emotional, and Mental Health learning and opportunity.

* Grouping & Scheduling
The High School Junior High School will transition to a Block Schedule to reduce the amount of passing time in common areas in the building
Elementary students are in class and will remain at grade level. Schedules for elementary students will be designed to limit large gatherings. In the event of combining students from different grade levels the school will schedule such events in the gym, on the playground or on the football field. Large Groups will require masks, physical distancing or be eliminated and not permitted all together.

* School Closure & Return to Remote Learning
If an employee working in the school or student attending school is reported positive for COVID-19 then the school will close per Cascade County Health Department requirements. The school building will remain closed for 14 day or until the Cascade County Health Department lifts restrictions.

* Social / Physical Distancing
The physical distancing of students and staff will occur to the degree necessary for the activity, event and location. In most classrooms 3-6 feet is achievable. The wearing of masks will be required in all settings. Hallways are being marked for spacing requirements. Transparent barriers for student and staff protection are being installed where needed. Limited numbers of spectators will be allowed at student events and there will be adequate physical spacing between seats and rows in common gathering places. Concessions will not be sold until we return to phase 3.

* Face Coverings
All staff, visitors and students will be required to wear a mask. There will be specific instances where masks or cloth face coverings will be allowed to be removed; i.e. (eating lunch or teacher instruction). Masks and cloth face coverings must be school appropriate.

* Playgrounds/Hallways/Restrooms
The Centerville School has hired on more staff to care for the sanitation of the school building and grounds. All restrooms, drinking fountains and playground equipment will be disinfected between uses. Staff members will be present to monitor and disinfect common use areas and equipment. Students are expected to maintain physical distance space when in restrooms and locker room. Limits will be imposed on the number of people allowed in a locker room at any given time.

All grade level classes will have adjusted time to provide appropriate social distancing requirements. The school will disinfect all playground equipment and toys in between groups and recess times. Staff will be provided training and/or resources on how to clean and disinfect the playground equipment and toys.

* Testing for COVID-19
The Centerville School District is encouraging all staff to submit to COVID-19 testing prior to the beginning of the school year and at any time throughout the year if they are symptomatic. Students are encouraged to do the same. Alluvion Health Care is providing free COVID-19 testing in Cascade County.

* Travel Restrictions
All staff and students are asked to report travel that takes them away from the state of Montana. This reporting should be done during normal health screening. Upon return home to the state of Montana both staff and students should remain quarantined from the school building for 14 days.

* Health Screening
All Centerville staff will sign a release statement at the beginning of the school year that guarantees that they are personally responsible on a daily basis to monitor their own health and potential COVID-19 exposure. If staff are symptomatic or if they have been in close contact to a COVID positive individual, they must report that information to their supervisor and stay home until they have been cleared to return to work by the Cascade County Health Department.

Students and parents will be asked to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposure. If a student exhibits symptoms or has been exposed, then they must stay home from school and seek medical attention and notify the school. They may not return to school until they have been cleared to return to school by the Cascade County Health Department.

All staff, students and visitors will be screened when entering the school building. Health questions will be asked, temperature checked and face coverings presented. Example of health questions include: Do you feel well? Have you been around anyone who is sick or is feeling sick? Have you been out of state? If a student exhibits symptoms at school of being sick or not feeling well, they will be isolated until a parent can be notified to pick the student up.

* Lunchroom Schedule and Operation
Students will be kept in individual grade level groups. We will utilize different parts of the school building during lunch to provide a safe social distance experience for the students. Routines and procedural expectations will be taught with intention within content lessons to accommodate physical distancing and safe practices. Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings while in line. Touchless ID entry for students will be implemented. Staff will maintain cleanliness of tables and seats between meal periods. Students and staff will maintain food allergy awareness and protocols.

* Transportation Busing
Parents are encouraged to transport student whenever it is feasible to do so. Students will be assigned seats on the bus according to recommended standards. Immediate family members may sit two to a seat. Students will be seated one student per seat. Masks will be worn by all people on a Centerville School bus. Windows on the bus will be cracked open to provide ventilation when feasible.
Sanitation of all seats and handrail will occur between routes whenever possible.

* Educational Delivery Academics
The Centerville School District is planning on opening school for face to face learning in a traditional school setting with special conditions for Health and Safety protocols. Accommodations and remediation for students who need support will be developed for each individual instance.

* Remote Learning:
The Centerville School is offering full time remote learning opportunities to students and families who desire this model of instruction. Because of the blended instruction our teachers will provide, parents of students in a remote learning environment must make a commitment to this endeavor. We will ask a commitment of one semester for all students. Centerville School established a protocol for enrolling in remote learning that includes:
• Board Policy 1908;
• Parents must sign remote learning contract for student to
participate in offsite instruction;
• It allows the Centerville School District to collect ANB from the
State of Montana. ANB is used to help fund the teaching
positons and materials needed to maintain this model;
• This contract will need to be signed along with expectations
outlined for parents and students;
• Grades will be assigned for remote learning courses.
• If the student has an active 504 Plan or IEP, the district will
help determine if the accommodation and support can be
delivered remotely or will need to be modified.

* Vsitors & Adult Protocols
In order to pirotect our medically fragile and immunocompromised students and staff members, for the most part, the Centerville School building will only be open to students, family members and staff. The Centerville Schools campus will allow limited access for pre-approved visitors, vendors and volunteers. In order to enable contact tracing and enhance the health of the District, approved visitors will not be allowed access beyond the main Office without a mask or cloth face covering. All visitors must complete District approved health screening.

* Organized Activities/Extracurricular
The Centerville School District will limit the occupancy of events to follow current State and Cascade County Health Department guidelines. The Centerville School District will require attendance sheets or seating charts for events to assist with contact tracing. The Centerville School District may require health screening for those in attendance.

Face masks and coverings will be required for all in attendance, depending on the event venue. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all events. Concessions will not be sold during events and activities. Organizations and community groups may reserve space in the school with proper notice. All organizations will be required to follow the Centerville School Districts safety guild lines. There will be no pep-band or Choral concerts and performances until the school is able to return to normal. This will be reevaluated and more protocols may be put into place to allow such events.