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Gun – Free Schools


Dear Parents and Community Members:

 Today the school conducted a routine search of its school property with our InterQuest K-9 unit. During this search a firearm was discovered in a vehicle. The school district took immediate steps to impound this firearm and control this situation. Please be aware we did not see this incident as a threat to our school, however, we do have school board policy in place that regulates how these types of situations will be managed.

 In your student handbook, on page 25, you will find the provisions of the Gun – Free School Zone Act, 18 USC 922(q) that govern how the Centerville Schools will handle students that violate this act. In accordance with the provisions of the Gun-Free Schools Act 20 USC3351, any student who brings a firearm or other weapon onto school property shall be expelled for a period of not less than one calendar year unless modified by the board of trustees, upon a recommendation from the school superintendent.